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Atos Syntel Interview questions answers papers – Atos Syntel placement papers

Atos Syntel Complete Recruitment Process

This article gives detailed information on Atos Syntel Off-Campus Drive for a freshers job opportunity as an Associate System Engineer. Students who have graduated/will graduate to obtain B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech/MCA degrees from all over India are welcome to apply for this job role. In this article, you will understand how to apply for Atos Syntel Off-Campus Drive, Test Pattern, Syllabus, and candidate experience.

About the Company- Atos Syntel

atos-syntel logo


Atos|Syntel is a division of Atos and a multinational provider of integrated technology and business services. The company is led by Rakesh Khanna. Atos Syntel was created by the acquisition of Syntel, Inc. by Atos S.E., which was announced on July 22, 2018, and completed on October 9, 2018. 

Atos|Syntel enables enterprises to accelerate their digital journey and boost enterprise agility for better business performance.

CEORakesh Khanna (18 Jul 2017–)

FounderBharat Desai

Founded1980, Troy, Michigan, United States

Parent organizationAtos

HeadquartersTroy, Michigan, United States

SubsidiariesSyntel Global Private Limited, Syntel Private Limited


Atos Syntel Off-Campus Drive- Recruitment Process 

Positions: Associate System Engineer ASE

Experience: Freshers

Salary: Rs 2.47 LPA on training and after completing the probationary period, 3.07 LPA.

Job Location: Across India Offices

Interview Location: Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Vizag

Atos Syntel Off-Campus Drive – Eligibility Criteria

Graduation Criteria

  1. B.E / B.Tech in any discipline (CSE/ECE/IT/EEE/TELECOM/EI).
  2. M.Sc graduates in Computer Science & Information Technology can apply.
  3. The graduation should be a Full-Time course recognized by the Central/State government of India. (No Part-Time/Correspondence course)
  4. A candidate must have a minimum of 60% marks in graduation. In case your college follows the CGPA system, either multiply it by 10 or calculate percentage using the university's guidelines.
  5. A candidate should not have any pending backlogs at the time of appearing for Atos Syntel Off Campus Drive Process.

Academic Criteria

  1. A candidate must have more than 60% marks in 10th and 12th (or diploma).
  2. A maximum gap of 1 year is permissible after HSC(12th) and not after SSC(10th) or in between semesters of graduation.
  3. Sometimes Atos Syntel has a minimum 65% marks requirement across the entire education but this criterion varies from college to college.

How to apply?

Freshers can apply for Atos Syntel Off-Campus Drive for a job opportunity as Associate Systems Engineer. Understand the Job Role, CTC, Service Agreement, Document required and Recruitment policies here – Atos Syntel Recruitment Process

Applying directly

For applying directly to Atos Syntel Off-Campus Drive, it is required to fill up your details regarding your 10th, 12th, Graduation degree, and other relevant information. Keep a soft copy of your updated resume ready. Here are some ways to apply directly:

  • You can check for available job positions throughAtos Syntel Career Website
  • You can also look for Atos Syntel walk-in jobs at Job Portals like,, etc.

Atos Recruitment Pattern | Test Pattern


The Process of selecting candidates focuses on abilities, knowledge, skills, experience and various other related factors.

Candidates should go through a three-stage selection process to get recruited in Atos

  • Written Exam
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

The breakup of Atos Recruitment Process is as follows:

SectionNo. Of Questions
Quantitative Ability25
Verbal Ability25
Logical Reasoning25

Test Description

Time allotted for the written exam is 75 minutes. There is a negative marking.So, if you feel on reading a question, that you might get stuck in the middle. Don't take much time. You'll only end up wasting precious seconds. Don't take an excessive amount of time (less than fifty Seconds) on an easy question, so you'll be able to provide longer (Max. a hundred secs) on a troublesome question. Otherwise, you will have enough queries left at the last minutes.

In the end, you can come back and attempt these questions. If still, you are unable to solve the questions and time is about to finish, then you can attempt flukes.

Atos Recruitment Process | Quantitative Ability

The questions in this section are generally prepared to test the applicants numerical ability and ability to solve mathematical problems. the most time-consuming section. You need to be thoroughly prepared with the formulae as the most questions are direct formula application. The Quantitative Aptitude section (around 25 questions) features questions on topics like algebra, time & work, time, speed & distance, arithmetic, percentages, profit & loss, geometry etc. There is a negative marking in the paper.

Atos Recruitment Process | Logical Reasoning

The questions in this section assess the capacity of an individual to interpret things objectively, to be able to perceive and interpret trends to make generalizations and be able to analyze assumptions behind an argument/statement. Easy but do have an idea before-hand as to what kind of topics are included in this section. In the Logical Reasoning section (around 25 questions) questions on data interpretation, logical reasoning questions, puzzles, graphs, charts and tables are regularly asked.

Atos Recruitment Process | Verbal Reasoning

The questions in this section are generally prepared to test the applicants written English skills and communication skills. this section is also going to be easy. However, you need to be able to read the passage quickly to save some precious seconds.Do not take a lot of time (max. 2 mins) to browse the passage otherwise you cannot complete the queries therein time.In the Verbal Ability section (around 25 questions), the students will have to solve reading comprehensions. This section also consists of basic grammar usage questions like fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, paragraph completion, sentence completion, vocabulary, etc.

Atos Recruitment Process | Technical Interview

Questions relating to specific technical fields are asked during this round. The questions may be based on a specific knowledge of the company's technical activities; understanding of the technical work to be done in the work that is being done or likely to require the candidates to solve the technical problems that they would likely face if they were employed.Some Questions asked are:

  • What is normalization?
  • What is OOP Language?
  • What are dot operator queries?
  • Can an unreachable object become reachable again?
  • State two differences between swing and AWT?
  • What do you mean by abstract class?
  • What do you mean by Hash Map and Hash Table?

Atos Recruitment Process | HR Interview

The last step in selecting a candidate as an employee is the interview as it helps to determine the candidate's personality. The questions can be very varied from your introduction, your qualifications, your experience, your specific experience of the sector, the courses followed, your strengths and weaknesses, your salary expectations, your friends, your family, etc. Some Questions asked are:

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Are you OK with the bond clause?
  • What are your 3 strengths and 1 weakness?
  • Will you like to work in Pune?
  • What is the difference between confidence and over confide

Atos Syntel Interview Questions | Technical and HR Rounds – Ansefy Preppy

Atos Syntel Interview Process is prepared such that the interviewer checks the in-depth knowledge of the candidate in the field from which he has graduated. The level of knowledge of the candidate and his motive to join Atos Syntel is analyzed through the Atos Syntel Interview Questions. The more Atos Syntel Interview Questions you go through more confidently you can attend the interview.

Atos Syntel Interview Process

The candidates who clear the first two rounds in the Atos Syntel Recruitment Process will be notified of the results and called for the final round – Atos Syntel Interview Question Round – Technical and HR. This article will focus on the Atos Syntel Interview Question and Process for both the rounds. Please note that if you don't receive any notification about the Interview opportunity after the Written Test, you must contact your placement cell or follow up with the company via email or call.

Atos Syntel Interview Question – Technical and HR Round

This stage of the Atos Syntel Placement Process is the final and deciding round for the candidate to prove his/her employability skills. This Atos Syntel Interview Question Round takes place separately by two different panels. The candidate must project a good professional impression. This round takes place after the candidate clears the Written round i.e the Atos Syntel Aptitude Round.

Atos Syntel Interview Question – Technical Round

Atos Syntel Technical Interview Questions – This round is for candidates who clear the Atos Syntel Written Round. The candidate can expect Interview questions on any from the subject of study. Good subject knowledge is required to clear this round. The candidate should have the knowledge of Data structures, algorithms, DBMS, Operating System, Networking, OOPs concepts and a programming language of ones choice.Candidates from branches other than CS should prepare for subjects related to their branch. CS candidates will be tested on coding during the interview. The panel will also be asking questions from the resume, so one should be well prepared with what they have written in their CV. Questions related to puzzles are also asked in this round. Some common technical questions are mentioned below:

  1. What do you mean by 3NF in DBMS?
  2. What is the operating system?
  3. What is the difference between Java and C++?
  4. What is a pointer?
  5. Tell us more about pointer?
  6. Write about double linked list programs?
  7. What is Join in DBMS?
Atos Syntel Interview Question – Tips for Technical Round

There is no hard and fast rule for what question will be asked in this round. You can expect any question as this depends entirely on the panel. We can give some insights on some of the Atos Syntel Interview Question and answers for freshers:

  • For Computer Science students, be prepared with Data Structure, Algorithms, DBMS, Operating System, Networking, OOPs concepts and a programming language of your choice.
  • For other branch students, be prepared with at least 2 subjects from your branch.
  • Your Resume, for the panel, is the most relevant data about you. Make sure you are aware of whatever you write on the resume as the panel will ask questions from that.
  • The panel will also ask about your final year project (if any). Hence, it is important to be thoroughly aware of the same.

Atos Syntel Interview Question – HR Round

For this round, there is no specific pattern, a candidate will have to answer questions based on his/her personal choice, there are no right answers or wrong answers, and it is basically to test ones personality. Confidence, patience, and a smile are the key to clearing this round. It is good to be aware of the most commonly asked questions but it is not advisable to learn the answers by heart. Take some tips but always frame your own answers. Some of the common questions asked are mentioned below:

  1. Tell us something about yourself.
  2. Which is your favorite subject and why?
  3. Why do you want to work for IBM?
  4. Would you be interested in joining any other company?
  5. Would you be comfortable working in shifts?
  6. What subjects have you done in your project?
Atos Syntel Interview Question – Tips for HR Round

After the panel is done with asking Technical Question, the discussions will shift to your career plans and milestones, known as the HR Round.

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