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Mu Sigma Complete Recruitment Process

Mu Sigma Complete Recruitment Process

Mu Sigma Recruitment Process for freshers is given below. This article will look into the details of the Mu Sigma Recruitment Process for freshers as Role of Trainee Decision Scientist, Job Roles, and CTC, ABB Eligibility Criteria, Recruitment Stages. Also have a look at Mu Sigma Placement Papers for details on the Online Test pattern, syllabus, and previously asked questions

About the Company – Mu Sigma

Mu-Sigma Logo

Before going through the Mu Sigma recruitment process, one must always go through the basic information about the company as it will always help you in keeping one step ahead from other people.

Mu Sigma is an Indian decision sciences firm that primarily offers data analytics services. The firm's name is derived from the statistical terms “Mu” and “Sigma” which symbolize the mean and the standard deviation, respectively, of a probability distribution. 

The world’s largest pure play Big Data Analytics and Decision Sciences Company. Mu Sigma works with more than 140 of the Fortune 500 through a unique ecosystem that brings together People, Processes and Platforms. With over 4,000 Decision Scientists, Mu Sigma has one of the largest collection of innovative problem solvers under one roof.

Mu Sigma is leading Big data analytics and decision sciences company, located in US, UK, Australia & India. Contact sales for data analytics inquiries, media 

CEODhiraj Rajaram (30 Sep 2016–)

FounderDhiraj Rajaram


Number of employees3,500+ (2016)


SubsidiariesWebfluenz Pte Ltd, Mu Sigma Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mu Sigma Limited

Mu Sigma Recruitment Process Details: Eligibily, Criteria, Pagttern or About Hiring

Mu Sigma is hiring engineering graduates from the batch of 2020(who have secured 60% and above ) for the position of Trainee Decision Scientist. Candidates who might be interested in applying for the role and can join immediately for the role of Trainee Decision Scientists.


Position: Trainee Decision Scientist

Salary: Rs. 6-8 LPA

Job Location : Across India

Last Date To Apply: ASAP

Experience Required: Freshers

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Graduation B.E / B Tech (CS/IT/IS/SE) 60% & Above through out 10th / 12th / UG
  • 2020 Batch
  • Preferential Percentage Criteria :
      • If in percent : 70% and above
      • If in cgpa : 7.0 and above

Mu Sigma is hiring engineering graduates from the batch of 2020 for the position of Trainee Decision Scientist. Shortlisted candidates will get SMS and email from the company for Date and Venue of Interview Process

How To Apply :

Interested and eligible candidates apply on the following link before it expires. Venue Details shall be sent via email / SMS.

Apply Link (Registration Over) : Click Here

Mu sigma Test Pattern and Syllabus 2020 for Mu sigma MuApt Test | Ansefy Preppy

MuSigma Online Test Pattern 2020

Mu Sigma conducts its MuApt online test on Cocubes assessment platform. MuSigma Test pattern is as given below.

Number of Questions: 28

Sections of the Test:

The MuApt test is further divided into 6 domains. They are

  • Aptus: This domain consists of questions based on Quantitative Aptitude.
  • Latus:  Logical Aptitude questions are included in this domain
  • Tekhne: This domain consists of Technical Aptitude questions.
  • Personalis: This domain consists of a personality-based assessment.
  • Communicationis: In this domain, you will have a written communication skill test.
  • Industria: Industria is a domain that is used to assess your industry-based knowledge.

Marking Scheme:+1 for correct answers

Negative Marking: No Negative Marking

Here is a table showing the number of questions you can expect from each of the above topics in the Musigma MuApt test 2020.


Expected Number of Questions

Time Allotted

General Knowledge


45 mins (Shared with MuApt)



45 mins (Shared with General Knowledge)

Case Study


75 mins


Musigma Syllabus 2020

Here is the syllabus you need to cover in order to crack each of the above sections.

MuSigma Personality Questions Syllabus (Personalis):

More than 50% of the questions in MuApt test are personality-related questions. These questions would be based on general day-to-day scenarios. You need to carefully read it & express your viewpoint/how you would have acted in that particular situation.

MuSigma Industria Questions Syllabus:

Before the test, Musigma generally shares about 2-3 useful links with students. These links are nothing but articles related to Data Scientist role. One has to go through these before the exam & Industria questions will be based on the information given in these articles.

MuSigma Aptitude Questions (Aptus, Latus, Tekhne):

Questions on Aptitude, verbal, logical are generally between easy-moderate difficulty level. Make sure you practice the below-mentioned topics.

  • Time and Work
  • Time and Distance
  • Progressions
  • Profit and Loss
  • Ratios
  • Average
  • Geometry
  • Sentence Correction
  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Synonyms & Antonym
  • Attention to Detail.
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Relationship(Blood Relations)
  • Flowcharts
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Statement & Conclusions

You can practice Musigma test questions here:

  • Musigma Aptitude Questions
  • Musigma Verbal Questions
  • Musigma Logical Questions

MuSigma Technical Questions (Tekhne):

You can expect around 4-5 technical Pseudocode based programming questions in the MuApt test. Being strong with your programming fundamentals will help you answer these questions.

Mu Sigma Interview Questions | Technical and HR Questions – Ansefy Preppy

The Mu Sigma Interview Questions Round is the final round of the Mu Sigma Recruitment Process. This final round is the defining round for the aspirant. The panel will put their focus on the MuApt test score of the candidate and while interacting with you, they will judge how truthful and honest you were in solving your MuApt test.

The MuApt test score will evaluate your overall personality. The only tip that works from the starting of the Placement Procedure until the end is how original you are and how truthful you answered on Mu Apt. All the MuSigma Interview Questions will direct something about your personality. The panel will be very discrete in evaluating your personality based on your answers to the Mu Sigma Interview Questions.

Other Rounds during Mu Sigma Placement Process that take place before Mu Sigma Interview Questions Round:

  • Psychometric Test
  • Observational Test
  • Video Synthesis Round
  • Case Study – Group Activity

However, instead of one, they take two interviews. Hence, testing you on your technical knowledge as well as your general conduct. The first round is the Technical Interview, which will be based on a candidate's Technical Knowledge about his/her subjects that they studied during college. This round will be followed by the HR Interview where the HR will be more interested in the candidate's career aspirations, personality all while checking his/her communication and professional skills. Lets understand about these rounds in detail:

Mu Sigma Interview Questions – Technical Round

Candidates will be tested on subjects of their interest. So you need to carefully choose subjects and prepare thoroughly. You may also be asked brain teasers and difficult numerical questions in Mu Sigma Interview. The candidates must be ready to answer various types of Mu Sigma Puzzles such as:

  • What is the degree angle between the hour and minute hand of a clock at 3:15 pm?
  • What is 17 x 18?
  • How many manhole covers are there in London?
  • Why are manhole covers round?

Some of the Mu Sigma Interview Questions will also Mu Sigma Observational Coding Test in which one or two coding questions might be given to the candidate to solve.

Mu Sigma Interview Questions – HR Round

This will be a basic interview taken by the HR Department, testing your personality and conduct. Going through the job profile that you have applied for will help you know better.

A few questions asked frequently (along with tips on handling them) are:

  1. Tell me about yourself: Here, you can focus a little bit on your family background, your educational qualification, then move onto your career growth. When you are talking about yourself, try to give details that will make the interviewer feel that you are suitable for the job.
  2. Why do you think you will fit the job?Here you can explain about your talent, skills, your past experiences and how you can bring freshness to the role. Also, try to speak about your strengths and cite examples on how you can add value to the team.
  3. How do you think you can handle a certain situation?As you go through the job description, you will get an idea as to what the role is all about. Now imagine certain situations that may arise and how you would tackle them. They may or may not ask you specific questions around the situations, but if you can cite examples, it will be an added advantage.
  4. Can you handle pressure and tight deadlines?Draw examples from your past experiences on how you have delivered successfully under pressure and meet tight deadlines. If possible, share with them a unique way in which you handle pressure.

Mu Sigma Interview Experiences

It is always easier and better to learn from others experiences. Given below are a few instances that occurred at the interviews:

  • Name: Kunal Matthew
  • Status: Selected

I got selected for the interview session, as soon as I walked in the interview room, the panel asked me for my resume andas I did you may be in for a stress interview (in my case) or questions like Tell about yourself? Or why MuSigma?.

Some of my friends got a case study group discussion wherein a group of 5 would be made a problem would be narrated to the group. Then 15mins of time would be given for you all to discuss on the issue at hand. Post the discussion one of you would present your suggestion. After all this within 5 min or so you would be told whether you have made it or not.

  • Name: Eshwar Prasad
  • Status: Selected

Here is my interview experience with Musigma. I have shared the type of questions asked in each round.

Round 1: Aptitude round

  • Advanced quantitative aptitude test
  • Logical puzzles/reasoning questions
  • Personality assessment test/picture synthesis

Round 2:

  • Video synthesis: This round is more about extrapolating info from videos (not summarizing).
  • Pseudo-coding round: This round is department specific. For example, Mechanical Engg students were asked to explain how a refrigerator works.
  • Case study solving: Actual MuSigma problems were given and students should tell their approach in solving it.

Round 3: Group discussion

  • Generic topics
  • MuSigma specific questions like what is your opinion about Musigma belief system?

Round 4: Personal interview

  • Futuristic reasoning questions
  • Ex: If I give you the entire database of Netflix, what would you do with that?
  • Logical puzzles (level: Expert) Ex: 100 floors 2 eggs puzzle
  • Guesstimation Guess + estimation. Ex: how many cows are there in Chennai?

Name: Dheekshitha P S, Trainee Decision Scientist at Mu Sigma.

Mu Sigma expects the candidate to have analytical thinking, logical thinking, and good communication skills. The following are the type of questions asked in Mu Sigma interview for the role of trainee decision scientist

  • Guesstimate questions
  • Some standard puzzles
  • Questions from your resume like telling me about your project, extracurricular activities etc
  • General HR questions like why should I hire you, why mu sigma, why data analytics etc

How to effortlessly crack the Technical Interview round

Bag a lucrative job in the IT Sector, irrespective of your background, by equipping yourself with requisite skills with this course.

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*  Included following stuff inside the product [With Video Solution, Study Materials with Structural Syllabus, All Solved PDF, Tips and Tricks for Solution, HR/Technical Interview Experience]

  • Mu Sigma Quantitative Aptitude Question Answer Paper Sets –
  • Mu Sigma Logical Reasoning Solved Question Answers Paper Sets –
  • Mu Sigma Verbal English Reasoning Test Solved Question Answers Paper Sets –
  • Mu Sigma General Knowledge Test Solved Question Answers Paper Sets –
    • General Awareness
    • Indian Constitution, Indian Government, Indian States, Geography (India), Geography (Global)
    • History of Indian Dynasty
    • Agriculture and Production
    • Current Affairs
    • Arts & Literature, Indian Classical Culture, Dance, Food, Idols, Books and Novels
    • Technology and Science, Human Body Science, Plant Science, Indian Space Organization, Entertainment, Sports
  • Mu Sigma Pseudo Code Test Solved Question Answers Paper Sets –
  • Mu Sigma Personality Test (Psychometric Test) Solved Question Answers Paper Sets –
  • Mu Sigma Business Communication Test Question Paper Sets –
  • Mu Sigma Technical Interview and HR Interview Question Sets –
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