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Envestnet Yodlee Complete Recruitment Solution

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*  Included following stuff inside the product [With Video Solution, Study Materials with Structural Syllabus, All Solved PDF, Tips and Tricks for Solution, HR/Technical Interview Experience]

  • Envestnet Yodlee Aptitude (Quantitative & Logical Reasoning only) Solved Question Answers Paper Sets –
  • Envestnet Yodlee Technical MCQ (CS fundamentals) Solved Question Answers Paper Sets –
  • Envestnet Yodlee Cope snippet MCQ (C/C++/Java) Solved Question Answers Paper Sets –
  • Envestnet Yodlee GD Round Topics Question Sets –
  • Envestnet Yodlee Coding Question and Programming Concept Solved Question Answers Paper Sets –
  • Envestnet Yodlee Technical Interview and HR Interview Question Sets –
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In this description, you will get to know about the Envestnet Yodlee Recruitment Process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

Envestnet | Yodlee is the leading data aggregation and data analytics platform powering dynamic, cloud-based innovation for digital financial services. Our platform has proudly fueled innovation for financial institutions (FIs) and fintech for over 19 years ultimately helping consumers get better lending rates, lower fees, higher returns, and more. We are the market leader in financial data aggregation, partnering with more than 1,100 financial institutions and fintech innovators, including 15 of the top 20 U.S. banks, enabling a massive data network associated with tens of millions of consumers who use platform-related personalized apps and services. Notably, 60% of the financial data is gathered via structured data feeds with financial institutions. The power of Envestnet | Yodlee and our unique point of difference begins with the massive scale of financial data within our platform which is utilized to fuel Envestnet | Yodlee’s Data Intelligence capabilities. Our unique point of difference also extends to Envestnet | Yodlee’s bank-level security, 50 issued patents, best-in-class data from over 20,000 sources, and our formal agreements with leading financial institutions for responsible and secure management and exchange of data.

Recruitment Process:

Round 1:
It was on an online objective test consisting of 4 sections: Aptitude, Technical MCQs, Code snippet based MCQs, and Coding part.
The coding part had questions like a balanced parenthesis check, etc.

Round 2- GD Round
Topic-> Elevator vs Escalator
-> Tubelight vs Bulb
->Who is more happier, we or our forefathers

Round 3-1st Technical Round (about 35 minutes)
-> Give a brief description of yours
-> Questions asked about Projects
-> Pseudo code for Quick and Merge Sort and Radix Sort
-> Reversal of Linked List
-> Sql queries
-> Why java is platform independent?
-> JDK, JVM and JRE
-> Difference b/w abstract class and interface
-> OOPs concept like inheritence, abstraction , etc
-> Software engineering models
-> 2 C++ programs: Given a string, find the unique characters in it and display them Ex-Input-‘aaabbcdddddaaaaa’ Output-‘abcd’
: Given a sentence, find all the words starting with a vowel
-> Complexities of Sorting Algos

Round 4- 2nd Technical Round (about 15 minutes)
-> Array vs Linked list
-> Static keyword and const
-> 25 horses puzzle and also its pseudo code
-> Project Questions
-> Questions from Testing part of S/w development
-> database schema

Round 5- Non-Technical Round
-> Questions asked about company
-> About yorself
-> Projects
-> Family background
-> Motto of life

Round 6- HR Round

->why Yodlee?
-> will you accept the job offer

“The first round has some aptitude questions and some technical questions of your niche area.”


Tips by Our Experts

Many talented programmers get expelled from recruitment in the first round. The reason behind this is the lack of focus in the understanding of the pattern of the test and insufficient practice.

The right practice in a particular topic is better than just visually going through everything. To help students get through the recruitment test of Envestnet Yodlee, we at create a set of test papers, study material, and have a good collection of Envestnet Yodlee placement papers.

Get practiced and get placed in Envestnet Yodlee.

All The Best.

Envestnet Yodlee Complete Recruitment Solution
Envestnet Yodlee Complete Recruitment Solution


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